Payment Methods

The payment methods are PayPal & Wire Transfer:
For PayPal please click here:


Please put your full name and the property name as the order description (so we know it was you).
(Please add an additional 5.5% of the total amount of reservation to cover for the PayPal fee)
Send us the payment receipt as soon as you make the payment so we can be on top of the reservation (payment takes 2 to 3 days to complete).

For a Wire Transfer, please follow the instructions:

‘’New York Mellon – wire USD’’ (if sending wire transfer in USD from THE UNITED SATES OF AMERICA)
‘’ National Bank of Canada – wire USD’’ (if sending wire transfer in USD from CANADA)
‘’ National Bank of Canada – WIRE CAD’’ (if sending wire transfer in CAD from CANADA)
(Make sure the bank teller follows the instructions as they are in the formats)
(Please make sure that the amount sent adds up to the amount in exchange rate)
(Please provide payment receipt so we can keep track of the funds).